Monday, December 10, 2012

Brothers Grimm!

I had the distinct pleasure of getting to see the 500th performance of the children's opera 'The Brothers Grimm' at Daniels Spectrum Community Theatre Friday night.  I knew I needed to do a manicure.

There was a bit of a struggle deciding what to put on my nails, as there were many things I wanted to draw, but am just incapable of doing so. That aside, I'm loving some of these.

First off, my thumb is a tribute to hands down my favourite character of the show, the pirate. Brilliant.

Then we have one of the many books the brothers had strewn about their workspace. 

My middle finger is a crown, as royalty features prominently in these fairy tales.

Next is a witch, Rapunzel's mother! Oooooo!

Finally, I did my last nail with newsprint.  Stay tuned for an entire "typography" manicure later today.

Anyway, I loved the show, it was absolutely hilarious and even educational.