Monday, October 29, 2012

Frankenstorm mani!

How topical!

Here goes my attempt at a Hurricane Sandy inspired manicure.  Get it? There's a Frankenstein and then one of those storm maps? Frankenstein? Storm? Anybody? Nobody.

It didn't turn out quite the same way as it looked in my head, alas, but this was already my second attempt, and in theory, the power could go at any moment.  So says the Weather Channel, but really, there's barely any wind going on where I am.

You can somewhat tell, but the blue I used as a base stains everything like crazy!  I went over and over in my cleanup with acetone, but it didn't really make an impact. It's really too bad, because the blue is the prettiest colour I've ever used before.  NYX Girls 103.  It's THE perfect royal blue, two coats for opacity, and the shiniest nail polish I've ever used.  I wish I got a picture before I started painting on top of it.  I'd be hesitant to ever use it again though, because of the staining.

With flash and bonus awkward hand positioning

I think Frankenstein looks like a LEGO character, don't you agree? That might just be the shape of my nail. Anyway, if it's happening to you, stay inside during the storm and give yourself a manicure by candlelight! That sounds mildly relaxing, maybe.