Saturday, November 17, 2012

The New Black Midnight Blue Swatch and Review

It was so hard to get a half-way decent picture of this because it is so shiny!  There is so much glare coming off my nails right now, and I didn't even put a top coat on.  It's hard to tell the true colour in the pictures, it's just a bit deeper, practically black.

This polish was a breeze to apply, no streaks, fully opaque in two coats, and the finish is just so perfect.  It dried very quickly too! Usually if I do my nails right after dinner I will get some smudges because I invariably end up doing other things that endanger them, but these ones are still going strong four hours later.

There's a slightly better representation of the colour, plus my super-cool accent nail, which is an un-named polish by Bonita.  It is basically holographic hex glitter of different sizes and microglitter suspended in a black jelly base.  That's just one coat, it looks really sharp too.

Success! I love this colour, and I got it from this month's Glymm box. I'm sad it's only a mini bottle, and I haven't yet found a website that sells the full-size bottles at a reasonable price to Canada.

Also, it's vegan!