Sunday, November 18, 2012

Two attempts at purple...

I wanted to do a purple-themed french manicure, but couldn't come across a colour combination that really went with the outfit I had in mind.  Or that I even really liked looking at all that much.

What we have here are some Revlon polishes, Impulse and Plum Seduction, with an incredibly unnoticeable French manicure on my ring finger with Kiko Violet Orchid Microglitter and Fantasy Makers Rest in Pieces, all pictured below for your viewing pleasure:

I do love the tombstone - it made my roommate laugh uncontrollably.

Not a huge fan, so I tried another possibility, this time with glitter! Who doesn't love glitter?

I think the answer is me.  But I haven't made up my mind one way or t'other yet.  I left the ring finger the same, and changed up the others by making the Kiko microglitter the base, and Fantasy Makers Nail in the Coffin as the tips. This one was better, but still not my cup of tea, so I jumped ship and went back to my lovely Quo by Orly Chestnuts Roasting.

I have to say, I LOVE the Kiko polish.  I bought it in Verona two summers ago, and I remember it being very affordable.  It's almost opaque in one coat, and very much so with two.  It is really stunning in person, perfect for pedicures!